Biographical Notes

Born in Warwickshire, England 1944. Between 1960-1963 studied Painting and Sculpture at Coventry College of Art. Moved to London from the Midlands in 1964. Experimented in Painting and Sculpture continuously with various supplementary work, including commercial design, theatre costume, book illustration and fairground art until 1970. The Studio work from this period was mainly sculpture employing such materials as glass reinforced polyester, wood products, neon etc.

In 1969 joined S.P.A.C.E Studios, a joint Arts venture at St.Katherine's Dock working there for a year. In 1969 co-founded the Electric Colour Company, a commercial partnership with three artist colleagues, Andrew Greaves , Jeffrey Pine and David Smith. The company worked on the border of fine art and contemporary three-dimensional design, engaged in the design and production of signage, custom built furniture, shop fittings, display objects, interior decoration, murals, custom cars and fashion accessories. Work from the company appeared in the UK publications, Time Out, Vogue, Architectural Design, Hot Car, Sunday Times Magazine as well as LA Times West Magazine.

The partnership won the Italian Grand Prix for Design in 1971 for work on Piper aircraft customizing. In 1974 travelled extensively in Spain and Morocco, eventually settling in Andalucia and taught drawing and painting there until 1990. Between these dates made extensive working trips to Zurich and Scotland. In 1988-89 was responsible through the Scotish Georgian Society for the plans and the completion of the interior restoration of Wedderburn Castle in Berwickshire, Scotland.

Through the 1990's worked in Koln, Germany where in 1994 was commissioned by the Romisch Germanisches Museum for a large scale architectural illustration as part of their permanent collection. Lives and works in Cornwall,England and Jimena de la Frontera,Spain.